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Animation Pieces

October 2015

A professional commission from the technical director of Noisy Little Monkey. I didn't design the logo character, but I was requested to take the already existing design and animate it for use in seminar presentations.

The animation was first drawn by hand, forty-seven frames in total, then scanned into Adobe Photoshop Elements where it was cleaned, coloured and animated.

(If the animation doesn't play more than once, please click on it to see it repeat.)

Noisy Little Monkey


"Deliver Us"

part 11

November - December 2018

​Part of a multi-animator project on YouTube; the clip consists of 127 unique frames, with timing and lip-sync carefully planned to match a segment of the assigned song.

All drawing, colouring and background design was done with a Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet,  using a combination of FireAlpaca and Photoshop Elements, which both had differing useful features. The finished frames were then imported into VideoPad Video Editor to be animated and have the audio track added.

Song segment copyright belongs to DreamWorks Studios and to Caleb Hyles; I do not claim any ownership, nor make any money from its use.

Landon & Amber

Finished May 2016

A personal project, the work of a few months. This two-minute short consists of upward of 950 frames, tells a coherent (if brief) story, and was entirely planned, storyboarded and hand-drawn by me, with use of a light-board. The frames were scanned into Adobe Photoshop Elements, where they were adjusted, aligned and trimmed as needed, then input into Windows Live MovieMaker to be saved as a finished video.

I would have liked to fully cleaned and coloured it too; but the fact that it had been drawn on traditional media makes that incredibly impractical.

"No Good Deed" animation rough

June, August - September 2018

A serious go at human animation, based unofficially upon a scene from Wicked: the Musical. All planning, timing and animating were done myself, and came to 303 unique frames in total. All drawing work was done in Adobe Photoshop Elements and imported into VideoPad Video Editor to make the working animation.

Additionally, I intend to clean and add colour to it i the future.

Song copyright belongs to Universal Studios; I do not claim any ownership, nor make any money from its use.

"Just go with the flow, Winnie."

September 2015

A birthday gift for my girlfriend; the character designs are hers. Much like the Monkey animation, this one was drawn by hand, then scanned into Photoshop Elements, where the sketched frames was cleaned and coloured. Thirty-two frames in total.


Autumn 2016

Again, sketched by hand, and scanned into Photoshop Elements to be animated. Fifteen unique frames.

Swimming Otter

Summer 2017

A practice at achieving more fluid movement in animation. Drawn and coloured entirely in Photoshop Elements with the aid of my Wacom Bamboo tablet. A video was used for reference, but was not copied. Twenty-two frames.

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