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Bio / CV Highlights

CV Highlights




  • Creativity:

Skills at traditional animation and digital artwork, as displayed on this site.

  • Ability to Learn:

In my degree project, I picked up new tasks and programs quickly, and learned how to apply them with accuracy.

  • Competent Organisational Skills:

I am good at keeping my surroundings and working environment neat and orderly; and making sure things are arranged and ordered properly is second nature to me.


  • Excellent knowledge of IT:

Use of such programs as Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Microsoft Office.


  • ​Team Player:

Co-operated with the technical director of Noisy Little Monkey in the production of an animation for professional use.


  • Mathematical Ability:


Achieved 98% in the Maths module of my degree programme, and an A* in the subject at A Level.



2020-2021, Postgraduate studies at Escape Studios, Storyboarding and Previsualisaton short course.

2010 – 2013, University

BSc Games Development


2008 – 2010, A-levels

Mathematics (A*) and Computing (C); AS level in Further Maths (C)

Jonathan Oakes, BSc (Hons)

Wells, Somerset, UK


As a reliable and organised individual with a passion for exercising creativity, I have plenty of enthusiasm to offer to any team. My history, in both academic and personal work, demonstrates an ability to produce positive results even under the pressure of a tight deadline. I have a keen attention to detail and follow instructions carefully; and I am a capable player in a team that is focused on meeting a common goal. When combined with my eagerness to learn, my current skills can make me a valuable addition to a working environment.



A passion for the skill of animation in all its forms - though particularly for traditional methods -, a fascination with the processes of making them, and a lifelong interest in drawing have led me to seek to pursue a career where I can put these to good use. I am eager to contribute my current abilities, and to develop them further as I learn from those already in the industry.




  • I am a resident of the United Kingdom and hold a valid UK passport.

  • I hold a UK driving license and have my own car.

  • I am willing and able to relocate for work as required.

<- Amber & Me

June 2017; Amber was drawn and coloured in Photoshop onto the photo, then coloured and shaded to match the photo and look as if she belonged in the real world.

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